Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday's Travel InsideOut

Hotel-security and privacy issues came to the fore with the revelations that ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews was filmed naked in a hotel room. Details about how the incident occurred are sketchy -- the identity of the hotel is unknown, as is the filming method. Get ready for the hotel chain to take a brand hit, however temporary, if it is identified. And, the incident calls into question whether road warriors -- women and men -- need to fret about privacy in hotels or whether this was a one-time incident involving a celebrity journalist.

USA Today: How private are we in hotel rooms?: Female sportscaster filmed naked through hotel door peephole Breaking news: Word's spreading that computer hackers are using the promise of footage of a naked ESPN sportscaster in her hotel room - Erin Andrews - to spread a computer virus, according to USA TODAY's Game On. I hadn't heard about the footage until this morning, so I checked the Web and it turns out that the footage is real and made its way around the Internet last week. (No one to my knowledge has yet identified the hotel in which Andrews was filmed.) Read more


Yahoo was slated to launch a new home page today, and the story below contains a screen shot. It will be interesting to see how Travelocity, the power behind Yahoo Travel, fares in the redesign in terms of home-page presence, and also the prominence given to various travel apps.

Wall Street Journal: Yahoo to Launch New Homepage Months Ahead Of Prior Schedule: Yahoo Inc. is expected to launch its new homepage Tuesday, months earlier than previously planned, according to people briefed on the company's plans. Read more


ARC doesn't find anything not kosher about United's new credit card policy in terms of the ARC sales pact, but the jury is still out on other legal or antitrust issues if other carriers follow.

Travel Weekly: ARC says United's new policy doesn’t violate sales pact: ARC does not see United’s move to push some ARC agencies to be the merchant for air ticket sales as a violation of the ARC sales agreement, according to Allan Muten, ARC’s director for strategic communications. Read more


With foreign carriers implementing pricey new surcharges, some analysts speculate that U.S. airlines will do likewise. FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney isn't buying into the trend.

USA Today: Foreign airlines raise fuel surcharges; U.S. carriers next?: Several foreign airlines are increasing fuel surcharges on passengers, raising the prospect that U.S. carriers could follow suit. Read more


VisitEngland, which brings together the public and private sector for tourism promotion, will gauge industry and consumer sentiment on hotel rating systems and user-generated content. Will a booster organization like VisitEngland enable consumers to write their own destination or hotel reviews? Can anyone pronounce VisitEngland Advisor?

Travolution: VisitEngland considers user reviews in hotel rating shake-up: VisitEngland is to survey the industry on its Common Standards star rating system as part of a wider review which could see user generated reviews taken into account. Read more


In the Google-Bing wars, the San Francisco Chronicle picked the "away" team, the Redmond, Wash.-based Bing, as the better search engine. Is there no hometown loyalty anymore?:)

San Francisco Chronicle: Is it better to Bing that Google?: Forget movie blockbusters. This summer's best death-cage match is shaping up to be between two technology Goliaths: Google and Microsoft. Read more


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