Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's Travel InsideOut

Hold onto your hats because Microsoft's take in the Yahoo deal may be less than meets the eye. And, anyway, as travel advertisers mull the value proposition, does anyone know how to spell d-i-s-t-r-a-c-t-i-o-n?

Advertising Age: Sorry, Microsoft Will Not 'Own 30% of the Search Market:' Now that the Yahoo deal is finally done, many observers seem to think Microsoft's new search business will be just like Google's -- only a bit smaller.

Specifically, they think that Google has 65% of the market and Microsoft will have 30%, so Microsoft's search business will basically be half the size of Google's. Read more


TripAdvisor, like everyone else, realizes that organic is the trend in almost every supermarket that you see, but does it translate into a tasty growth strategy for TripAdvisor Flights?

Dennis Schaal Blog: TripAdvisor Answers Back, Infers Who?: Brian Saltzburg, a former Travelocity guy who is general manager of new initiatives at TripAdvisor, took great umbrage at my post yesterday, Toe-to-To With TripAdvisor Flights. Read more


Orbitz Worldwide’s ebookers re-upped with Amadeus through the end of 2012 for global distribution system (GDS) services, complete with the usual array of incentive agreements and shortfall penalties.

Securities and Exchange Commission Item 1.01. Entry Into A Material Definitive Agreement: On July 28, 2009, ebookers Limited, a wholly-owned, indirect subsidiary of Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. (the “Company”), and Amadeus IT Group S.A. (“Amadeus”) entered into an amendment (the “Amendment”) to the Global Access Agreement, dated January 1, 2004 (the “Agreement”), extending the term of the Agreement to December 31, 2012. Under the Agreement, as amended, Amadeus provides certain of the Company’s ebookers websites with access to travel supplier content, including air, hotel and car reservation information. The Company receives incentive payments based on the number of reservation segments it processes annually through Amadeus. Read more


So, with its bid for Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines not only would cross a new frontier with a bunch of additional routes, but an acquisition could also be a big headache for United Airlines.

USA Today: United, beware! Southwest's bid for Frontier spells trouble, analysts say: United, beware. That's what several industry observers are saying after yesterday's surprise announcement that Southwest would make a bid to acquire Frontier Airlines. If its bid is successful, Southwest's acquisition of Frontier would eliminate a pesky competitor and give it access to new domestic and international routes Southwest does not currently fly. Still, "the biggest impact of Southwest’s potential bid to buy bankrupt Frontier Airlines may fall on United Airlines," writes Scott McCartney, "The Middle Seat" columnist at The Wall Street Journal. Read more


Segmentation and re-packaging are the names of the game, as evidently believes with its launch of three lodging websites with varied twists.

Arthur Frommer Online: Creates 3 New Websites to Deal With 3 Kinds of Accommodations: Time was when international travelers made their lodgings choices from among either hotels or guesthouses -- nothing more. That process of selection has apparently become far more complex, and the big accommodations website, (, has this week split its internet services into three different categories of housing. Though they have retained an overall website of all their products for those who can understand it, they have created three different subsidiary websites, each one containing several detailed groupings of accommodations that fall under each of the three headings. So if you're still able to follow me, here are the three new websites for you to consult, apparently an improvement on the former single site. Read more


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