Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dennis Schaal Blog: What They're Saying

OK, my marketing budget is ($43) -- the parenthesis depicts negative numbers -- and while everyone else is doing something worthwhile (as opposed to blogging) on this 91-degree day in the New York area, I thought I would share what some travel industry executives, luminaries and lowlifes (just kidding) are saying about the Dennis Schaal Blog.

Henry Harteveldt, Forrester Research, principal analyst, travel, on Twitter April 25 about the post, Mr. Sandman: Orbitz and Expedia Play Gotcha on Fees: "RT @denschaal: Mr. Sandman: Orbitz & Expedia Play Gotcha on Fees This is goooood. #travel #hotel"

TommyDavid , director of, on Twitter April 25: "enjoying @denschaal on Orbitz, Expedia price wars:"

Wendy Perrin, Conde Nast Traveler's consumer news editor, included me in her April 17 post, "What You're Missing if You're Not on Twitter,", thanks to a recommendation from WeJustGotBack.

Susan Black, a founder of TravelCom and owner of social-media consulting firm Susan Black Associates, on Twitter April 22: "Recommended @denschaal to @MrTweet 'his travel industry tweets are timely and provocative, and his blog is compelling.'"

WeJustGotBack, a family trip-planning site, on Twitter April 20: "I think @rickseaney and @denschaal each impart a valuable insider view of the industry. They know their stuff, so there's no hype."

Hugo Burge, vice chairman of CheapFlights, on my post, The Future of Metasearch and Flight Shopping, on Twitter April 20: "@denschaal - nice piece - enjoying your blogging. Sorry to miss out & look forward to grabbing a beer. Will let you know when I'm in town."

Martin Collings, an airline sales specialist for the Amadeus IT Group, on his Shearwater Blog April 3: "I only came across Dennis Schaal’s blog recently, but it is currently sitting near the top of my RSS feeds. In a recent post [Will Airline Fees Pinch Business Travelers?] he references a New York Times article titled "Some Elite Customers May Start to Feel Ordinary." I’ve lifted a couple of interesting quotes from the article."

Sam Shank, the founder of TravelPost and the current CEO of, on the DealBase Blog March 26: "With new flight metasearch engines from TripAdvisor and Travelzoo, and some great discussions about travel metasearch on UpTake and Dennis Schaal’s blog, there’s a consensus emerging that future of travel metasearch is providing a user experience that simplifies a la carte pricing (baggage fees, drink fees, etc)."

Jeff Pecor, PR director, on the Yapta Blog March 19: "The series of consumer friendly announcements from the online travel agencies has made Dennis Schaal, Travel Weekly's Technology Editor, say "Yapta-Yapta-Doo!" He also offers some great insight on "the likelihood" of receiving a reimbursement from these price guarantee programs. (Finally, somebody recognizes the slim odds behind what appears to be a pure marketing play.)"

Shamelessly yours,

Dennis Schaal

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