Friday, April 10, 2009

Connect by Hertz Retools with Acquisition

I'm glad to see some travel-industry suppliers are forward-looking and doing some things that blend nicely with environmental demands.

Thus, Connect by Hertz just made a bit of travel news and acquired the Paris-based company, Eileo, which provides all sorts of back-office technologies for the car-sharing industry.

Hertz obviously sees a future and a winning business proposition in car-sharing.

Connect by Hertz, which enables you to input your Connect card and rent EPA SmartWay-certified vehicles for as low as $8.50 an hour, seems like an attractive, environmentally friendly solution for businesses and people located in congested cities who choose not to own a car or pay exhorbitant parking-garage fees.

Hertz claims that each Connect by Hertz car on the road puts 14 other vehicles curbside. I can't verify that claim, of course, but am willing to believe that car-sharing makes environmental sense. And, I'd love to see some Hertz documentation for that claim.

I had to admit that Connect by Hertz wasn't high on my radar until recently, but I see it is getting fairly good reviews in the blogosphere, including this post by Robbie Mitchell.

Congrats to Hertz for giving car-sharing a ride.


Robbie said...

Thanks for the nod, Dennis. It will be interesting to see how Hertz fares against Zipcar in the NYC area.

Dennis Schaal said...

Robbie: We'll both be watching. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

The documentation for "carsharing vehicles can take up to 14 personal vehicles off the road" can be found in the TCRP Report 108, which was an independent study sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration. Here is the link