Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday's Travel InsideOut

PhoCusWright analyst Norm Rose takes on Forrester’s Henry Harteveldt and notions that online travel agencies are not performing well. It's great to see some dialogue among competitors.

Travel Technology: Innovation in Online Travel: The general media is a buzz with stories about the lack of innovation of the major OTAs. A recent Forrester Report which shows consumers' frustration with online travel planning and booking is cited. The report stated that many consumers are fed up with the complicated process of planning and booking travel online. Part of this frustration concerns added fees, what we like to label in the travel industry as ancillary revenue. The article points to a resurgence of bookings through traditional travel agents. Read more


What will Air Canada’s decision to drop its ITA Software-built reservations system project mean to ITA and its customers? And, what’s up with Air Canada making new approaches to the travel agency channel?

Dennis Schaal Blog: ITA Software's Lollipop: ITA Software, the king of online air search and pricing, undoubtedly took a big hit when Air Canada cancelled the bulk of the reservations system that ITA had been working on for four years. Read more


Perhaps Continental Connection Flight 2816 and its stranding of 48 passengers for hour upon hour at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport last Friday will get a Passenger Bill of Rights bill moving without delay.

PeterGreenberg.com: Express Jet Tarmac Nightmare Prompts Renewed Calls for Passenger Bill of Rights: Passenger rights advocates are renewing their push for legislation to protect fliers from excessive airport delays, after an incident last Friday in which 48 people were stranded on a plane for more than five hours. Read more


Travel Weekly packages a sector-by-sector analysis of what the Winter might yield.

Travel Weekly: Disappointing summer could make for a very long winter: This is the time of year when many travel companies, particularly airlines, generate their peak revenue. They make hay.

But not this year. Read more


More bullishness here about Priceline as the online travel company, with its Name Your Own Price business in the U.S. and Booking.com in Europe, beat analysts’ expectations for the 13th consecutive quarter.

Motley Fool: Fly, Priceline. Fly!: You can't keep a good portal down. After priceline.com (Nasdaq: PCLN) delivered another better-than-expected quarterly report yesterday, its stock soared 14% higher on an otherwise down day. Read more


Some breaking news here about how Orbitz Worldwide is poised to modify its modified retail business model for hotels in certain Asia-Pacific markets.

Dennis Schaal: Where in the World is the Orbitz Hotel Business Model?: Orbitz Worldwide is about to change its hotel business model and go-to branding in Asia-Pacific. Read more

Traffic Jam

The following posts of recent -- and not so recent -- vintage still are ratcheting up this blog’s traffic numbers:

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