Monday, May 4, 2009

The Travel Blogosphere: Give Us Bonus Points

I love the travel blogosphere because collectively we have so much to offer, given the number of brainiacs, analysts and muckrakers out there who are contributing to our travel industry knowledge base.

In perusing some recent posts and tweets, I see that Tom Botts of the Hudson Crossing Travel Industry Insight blog points out that Delta and Northwest brought back 500 bonus miles for online bookings, and Botts puts the move in the context of these airlines trying to restore some juice now that the online travel agencies have eliminated booking fees on flights.

Then there is the Susan Black Associates blog, which yesterday graded a few major travel players on their social-media responses to the swine flu. While Black handed out an A+ to Funjet Vacations, Travelocity and Expedia may have to stay after school because these two OTAs brought home grades of C.

And, Forrester Research travel analyst Henry Harteveldt added to the mix when he compared airlines' online efforts regarding the swine flu. Harteveldt tweeted yesterday: " home page lacks specific info re:airline's response to #swineflu. AA, Delta, JetBlue, US Airways do better."

All of these travel industry veterans/bloggers and microbloggers have something to add. Let 100 flowers bloom.

And, hopefully I contributed a bit to the conversation through my posts on the Dennis Schaal Blog about Priceline's hotel-coupon promotions on Twitter, a bid to ramp up its followers.

Or, at the least, hopefully I elicited from you a LOL with my post, Expedia, Priceline in Twitter Trash-Talk.

Meanwhile, totally off-topic because that's the kind of guy I am:), a shout-out to Echo Cleaners, my dry-cleaner in Springfield, N.J., for going organic. Woohoo.

I would give them the shirt off my back.

Over and out.

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Hudson Crossing said...

And Continental matched the 500 point booking bonus yesterday afternoon - could it be that the OTA's efforts are paying off? Or just typical mindless airline promo/fare matching?