Friday, May 1, 2009

Expedia, Priceline in Twitter Trash-Talk

No, Expedia didn't name any names.

But, Expedia clearly took a swipe at Priceline and TheNegotiator on Twitter this afternoon with the tweet:

"Happy Friday to our 7,000+ followers! We are honored that you follow us, bribe-free :)"

Expedia's jab clearly was in reaction to Priceline's series of hotel-coupon promotions in the past week. TheNegotiator's following has gone through the roof in the past week. When I just looked it was at 8,420.

Expedia obviously has a problem with Priceline's success.

And Expedia's we're-on-high-ground and you're-not tweet assuredly could not have been tweeted without the explicit authority of Chairman Barry Diller or CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. (OK, I'm kidding on that, but I loved writing it.)

TheNegotiator indeed had an answer when Susan Black pointed to Expedia's diss.

TheNegotiator tweeted: "@Susantravels I don't know why they are jealous. They already received their $50 Hotel Coupon, oops ... I mean bribe. :)"

Meanwhile, some in the travel business, including myself, are enjoying the sparring.

As Douglas Quinby opined on Twitter: "Love competitors going at it on Twitter. EXPE vs. PCLN. TVLY, OWW, why so quiet...?"

Orbitz and Travelocity, among the other major online travel agencies, what is your strategy for getting up to the JetBlue level on Twitter?

And, we're wondering just how jealous Expedia might be about Priceline's rapid Twitter ascent.

Could this be a case of Coupon Envy?

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